National Review of Tourist and Sightseeing Books 2020

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28 National Review of Tourist and Sightseeing Books
14-16 February 2020 Poznań “Tour Salon”


TERMS 2020







28th National Review of Tourist and Sightseeing Books

I. General information

  1. Organisers of the 28th National Review of Tourist and Sightseeing Books, hereinafter referred to as “Review”, include:
  • Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (Poznań International Fair),
  • Marshal’s Office of the Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) Province,
  • Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (“PTTK”), with the following organisations acting on its behalf: Commission of Sightseeing of the Main Board of PTTK, Central Library of PTTK, Poznań Branch of PTTK, and Greater Poland Club of Sightseeing Journalists.
  1. The goal of the Review is to promote valuable tourist and sightseeing publications concerning Poland, which came out on the book market in any language.
  2. The Review is held under the auspices of:
  • Ministry of Sport and Tourism,
  • Polish Tourism Organisation,
  • Marek Woźniak, Marshal of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) Province,
  • Polish Book Publishers Society,
  • Museum of Sports and Tourism in Warsaw.
  1. The Review will accompany the 31th TOUR SALON Tourist Regions and Products Fair, which will take place in Poznań on 14-16 February 2020.
  2. The publications submitted for the Review will be presented at the exhibition during the 31th TOUR SALON Tourist Regions and Products Fair in 2020.

II. Review Regulations

  1. The Review consists of two parts:
    a) best publication competition,
    b) exhibition of the submitted publications.
  2. The Review is open to:
  • publishers of tourist and sightseeing literature,
  • authors,
  • artists’ associations,
  • social organisations.

Every submitting party may present any number of publications which came out in 2018-2018, regardless of the format or number of volumes. Excluded from the Review are the winning publications in the 27th National Review of Tourist and Sightseeing Books.

  1. Eligible for the Review will be publications concerning Poland in its historical borders. Publications concerning border areas, provided that they constitute a geographical or regional whole (euro-regions), will also be evaluated.
  2. Publications are submitted and evaluated as part of the following categories:
    a) sightseeing albums,
    b) guidebooks,
    c) monographies and other sightseeing studies,
    d) maps and atlases,
    e) children’s books,
    f) sightseeing information bulletins.
  3. In order to take part in the Review, you must submit, by 15 November 2019, a written application complete with one copy of the publication to the following address:

Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno-Krajoznawcze

Centralna Biblioteka

Ul. Senatorska 11


with the following annotation: 28 Przegląd (28th Review)

Tel.: +48 831 80 65


and pay a fee in the amount of PLN 50 for each publication submitted as part of the categories mentioned in items 4a-e or PLN 25 for each publication as part of the category mentioned in item 4f.


  1. The application must be made using the form available at and should include:
    a) full name of the submitting party, address with post code, NIP [tax identification number], telephone number, e-mail address and name of the person authorised to contact the Review’s organisers;
    b) list of submitted publications with the following information: author, title, place and year of publication, number of volumes, and competition category;
    c) copy of confirmation of payment of entry fee.
  2. The fee for participating in the Review must be paid to the following bank account:

Oddział Poznański PTTK

Stary Rynek 89/90

61-773 Poznań

PKO BP 50 1020 4027 0000 1902 0323 2196

with the following annotation: 28 Przegląd (28th Review)


  1. If the fee is not paid within the required deadline, the submitted publications will not be evaluated.
  2. Members of Commission of Sightseeing of the Main Board of PTTK, its regional branches, and members of Greater Poland Club of Sightseeing Journalists may submit, free of charge, no more than two publications, subject to presenting a comprehensive justification.
  3. The submitting parties submit the publications at their own cost, in a package protecting against damage.
  4. The jury composed of sightseers, editors and cartographers (excluding authors and publishers of the submitted publications) will choose the winners. The chairman is responsible for the jury’s works, whereas the review commissioner acts as the secretary. The jury has the right not to grant all the awards provided for in the Regulations.
  5. The main elements subject to evaluation will include the sightseeing content of the submitted publications, the form of presenting the qualities of the described area, and editing quality, in particular:
    a) with regard to the content:
  • quality of tourist and sightseeing documentation,
  • language and style of the publication,
  • usability (scope and amount of tourist and sightseeing information),b) with regard to editing:
  • graphics and appearance,
  • editing accuracy (adjustment, illustration processing, technical editing),
  • printing quality.
  1. The organisers reserve the right to exclude from the competition the publications which are not of tourist and sightseeing character or fail to meet the requirements of the Regulations. In such case, the paid fee is non-reimbursable.
  2. The winners receive diplomas and statuettes granted jointly by the Marshal of the Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) Province, Poznań International Fair and the Main Board of PTTK for the first, second and third place in the individual categories. The grant of awards and prizes sponsored by tourist and sightseeing organisations is also envisaged. The criteria and manner of granting them are defined by the sponsor. The formal grant of diplomas and awards will take place during TOUR SALON 2020.
  3. The Review Regulations are available on the website of the Main Board of PTTK at and of the Review at

III. Final provisions

  1. The jury’s verdict will be published at within 10 days from the date of the jury’s session. The Review participants will receive a catalogue with the Review results and a complete list of participating publishers and publications.
  2. The organisers will promote the competition in the media using the publications submitted for the Review.
  3. Publications sent after the Review will be handed over to the K. Kulwieć Central Library of PTTK in Warsaw, where they will be made available on general terms.


Warsaw, Poznań, July 2019

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